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Jailbreak your Kindle 3 (2 & 1 also)

Header Since the kindle dropped so drastically in price I couldn’t resist buying one for my wife & I. I love the little machine, and do a lot more with it than just read books. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now, and rooted it the first night. I just haven’t documented it till today! Lucky for you this is one of the simplest processes ever, and only takes a few minutes. After you jailbreak the kindle it only takes a minute to root the kindle over usb. The process should be the same for Kindle 3,2, and 1.

Well lets begin by jailbreaking the kindle: 1) Start by downloading the following zip (kindle-jailbreak-0.3.N.zip), and unzip it somewhere you can remember 2) Locate the file associated with your kindle:

<pre>"*_k2_install.bin" - K2 U.S.
"*_k2i_install.bin" - K2 International
"*_dx_install.bin" - Kindle DX U.S
"*_dxi_install.bin" - Kindle DX International
"*_dxg_install.bin" - Kindle DX Graphite
"*_k3g_install.bin" - Kindle 3 3G US
"*_install.bin" - Kindle 3 WiFi
"*_k3gb_install.bin" - Kindle 3 3G UK


3) Upload to your Kindle


4) Unmount kindle & press the [Home] button

5) Press [Menu] > Settings > [Menu] > Update your Kindle (It will fail, but this is okay)





**6) You’re finished! Now your kindle can accept the other hacks released by the mobiread forums! (I’ll upload tutorials to the screensaver hack / usb network / and fonts hack) **



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10 October 2010


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